Friday, April 29, 2016

Windows & Wreaths: A True Love Affair

If you follow me on instagram or have ever stepped foot into my home for at least 30 seconds, it will come as no surprise to you that I LOVE wreaths and windows. I don't know how it started and I don't really care. I just love them. You can pretty much find (at least) one set in every room of the house. Now I have told you before that my taste is not expensive and I am sticking to that. All but two of the windows that I have in my house have cost me $5 or less. The exceptions being my 30 pane ($30) and my arched window ($20). Still. Every normal sized, normal shaped window I have either came from a yard sale, a thrift store, OR my window lady. (Long story but if you ever want her info...send me a message!) She is this awesome person that keeps a whole bunch of scrap windows from building projects and then sells them for really, really cheap. my opinion (and experience), windows are an awesome way to make a huge statement in a room for a small price. 
The wreaths can be tricky because wreaths are PRICEY. However, if you keep an eye out for sales and/or always seem to have an abundance of Target gift cards (like me...that's all I ever really ask for for holidays...*ahem* Keep Calm and Target On) then you can make it worth your while. The wreaths that I have most of in my house are these Target boxwood wreaths. They are adorable and very affordable compared to any other boxwoods I have ever found. Seriously, google boxwood wreaths...the prices will blow your mind. Disclaimer: I would not recommend them for outside use. At least if you are like me and don't have any coverage over your front door. Mine ended up turning completely black after a couple months of sun exposure. Boo. That being said, I keep all of my boxwoods indoors and have a nice wooden door hanger out front (but that's for another post). 

I have basically adopted the policy that windows and wreaths can brighten up any space, big or small. The fact that they come in all shapes and sizes is always helpful and (because I'm me) being able to switch out wreaths for holidays and such makes my heart happy as well. Here are the many wreath/window combos in my house:

Mantle (You've definitely seen this one before):

Den Wall:

My Big Beauty:

Kitchen (Not a space I have really blogged yet because it is a major work in progress...but more on that soon):


and, Half-Bath: 

Besides my 30 pane, this arched window is definitely a favorite. It is the only differently shaped window I have and I love what it adds to this small space. You might can see in the reflection of the mirror that I actually have a second, smaller window in here as well. That was also a yard sale find and the hubs and I actually attached burlap to the back and added the hooks to it as a little pre-wedding project. I love it and will keep it forever. The wreath pictured here is also from Target but, it is from several falls ago. It is a wood curl wreath and I adore it as much as the Boxwoods. The one hanging on the other window is a miniature version of it. They do not currently carry this exact wreath but they do have a very similar version of it here. Long story short, I love wreaths and windows and use them as accent pieces all throughout my house. You can't go wrong with this combo. Ya just can't.

As a side note/endorsement for the wreath/window campaign: Here is a before and after of the half-bath. Before we moved into the house and what it looks like now.

See what I mean? Happy Weekend!

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