Monday, April 18, 2016

Home Tour: Den

Okay so, this is not a full home tour by any means because let's face it, not every single aspect is blog worthy! However, these are a few of my favorite spots in the house. I thought I would show you these as sort of an introduction to my overall style. 

First stop is the den. This room has changed A LOT in the past 2 years. Probably more than any other in the house. I can't help myself. I spend most of my time in here. This is where the hubs and I watch netflix, entertain, and truth be our dinners!

Our mantle changes with the season, as you'll see in some posts to come! This is what I like to call the base look. Although that changes, too. The Smith Cottage sign was created by my FAVORITE etsy shop owners, Rare and Beautiful Treasures. You can find them here! They have actually created several signs for my home and I am sure you'll see all of them later. The candles are battery powered flickering candles from Target (the other love of my life) and the boxwood wreath is from Target as well! The hare vase was actually a clearanced anthropologie find and since my thumb is anything BUT green, the lavender in it is fake and came from Hobby Lobby. 

Next stop, my favorite place in the den...the couch. This couch is actually one of the only pieces of furniture the hubs and I have ever purchased (new, at least!). You may notice that the wall behind the couch is a different color than the fireplace wall. I made the snap decision one day that I wanted one white wall in the sea of gray paint that is my house. So the hubs and I headed to Home Depot (our home away from home) and bought a gallon of white paint. Little did I know what a challenge it would be to cover up that dark gray. We used almost the entire can of paint on the one wall. Talk about a lot of coats! Nevertheless, I was thrilled with the result and I have no regrets! The fireplace itself looks COMPLETELY different than it did when we moved in...but that's for another post! As you can probably already tell, I have a slight obsession with wreaths (there are 3 in this room alone to be exact!) and windows. The giant 30 pane window here was a thrift store find. $30 for the whole thing! What a steal! The hubs thought I had lost my mind (not too far off) when we brought it home, but once we got the beast up on the wall, he was as enthralled as I was. A lot of our projects actually start that way. He thinks I'm crazy but goes along with it anyways. That's true love right there. 

Speaking of the hubs, shout-out to him for building me my beloved blanket ladder! He actually built the thing on our tiny apartment balcony before we moved into our house. We stained it together (my first experience with staining and I LOVED it!) We used a Minwax water-based stain in the darkest brown they had. I could not possibly recommend it more. The water-based has no odor and dries almost instantly, I kid you not. Plus of course, it's gorgeous! I mean look at it!

Next stop is the love seat. It is well loved I must say. My parents actually gave it to us when we moved into our house. It had been sitting in their basement for awhile and wasn't getting any use. It is a red floral pattern underneath, but since I am a weirdo and like to do things on the cheap, I ended up (with the help of my fabulous mother-in-law) covering it with a canvas drop cloth, sticking my Primitives by Kathy (another FAVE of mine) "Our Nest" pillow on there and calling it done. I love the way it looks and all it cost (to me anyways) was the price of the drop cloth!

I am all about neutral, so when I found this lamp from target I just had to have it for the den. However, when I saw the price from target I just had to find a cheaper option! Luckily, we have an awesome store called Bargain Hunt around here that carries overstocked or slightly damaged goods from some of the major home chain stores (like Target) and I found the exact lamp I wanted with a slightly dented shade and a black mark on the base. While standing in the store I was able to remove the dent with my fist as well as wipe off the mysterious mark with the inside of my shirt. I honestly felt like a superhero as I walked up to the register with my once $40 lamp turned $15 lamp in my hand. I essentially bought it undamaged for a fraction of the price and that was an accomplishment (for me anyways...I celebrate the little victories! LOL!) The end table was a hand-me-down from my husband's family that was made new with some linen paint and a little sandpaper. I told you...we really don't buy furniture new!

I hope you enjoyed my little den and I hope you'll stick around for more stops on the home tour coming soon!

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