Friday, April 21, 2017

3 Year Housiversary!

Hello and welcome back to my little blog! Today, I hope you'll join me in celebrating our 3 year Housiversary! 3 years ago today, we were nervously closing on our first home and the endless string of Home Depot and Target trips was about to begin! To commemorate this special occasion, I have decided to do a big before and after of our home. All of the before pictures feature the way it was set up when we came to look at it for the first time (and promptly fell in love with the potential), and the after pictures are the most up to date pictures I have of our space. I realize I have shown you bits and pieces of this before, so I apologize in advance for any repeating pictures. I am not going to do much writing because this thing could get to novel length real fast and without me even noticing. SO, I'm just going to go room by room and show you some evidence of the labor of love we have put into making this house ours over the last three years. I hope you enjoy!



(Still really hate the floors...but that's for another day!)


(I honestly could not get a good angle and I simply did not want all of that stuff cluttering the space so our version is pretty empty...I just chose to show the view from the other side of the new front door and paint color!)





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(Don't mind me watching Spongebob...I can explain. I love Spongebob.)

Well there you have it! Thanks for taking time out of your busy Friday to take a look at our nest. There are still lots of projects we want to do (I absolutely HAVE to figure out a way to have white cabinets in our kitchen), but for now I think I will sit back, relax, and enjoy the progress we have made over the last three years. Here's to many more!

Happy Weekend!

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