Friday, May 27, 2016

'Merica & Me

Hello! You are now reading the blog of a 25 year old. Yes, I turned 25 yesterday and I am still not quite sure how I feel about it. Nevertheless, my husband, family, and friends showered me with love and fun and made it into one of the best birthdays ever! (Big shout out to Josh and Audrey for passing the huge balloons down to me after Audrey's 25th birthday bash last weekend!) I spent the day at the lake with my family yesterday and the weather could not have been more perfect. Got some sun, cruised around on the boat, listened to some music, and watched my Dad, Husband, and Brother wipe out on the knee board. Couldn't ask for more! My amazing Mama made me a delicious homemade cookie cake (seriously, hers are better than Great American Cookie I kid you not) and for dinner, we had my favorite...chinese takeout! I know, so fancy. I know I am usually the one that does the decorating around here but I just HAVE to brag on my adorable hubs really quick because look what I came home to after dinner with my friends on Wednesday night:

I mean...does it get any cuter? He would like me to point out that he did not make the rainbow fabric garland...that was me. However, he did get it out and put it up so I still give him all the credit for the cuteness! Of course the giant balloons were front and center and the window in the front was filled with all of my instagram pictures from the last year (wow...I take a lot. *ahem*). Is that precious or what? Lastly, the cherry on top (literally) was the giant wrapping tissue ice cream sundae you see in the far right corner. My sweet hubby got me an awesome, beautiful, Cuisinart ice cream maker for my birthday (per my specific request) and wrapped it in the most creative way possible. To be completely honest, I think he is more excited about that gift than I am...he's begging me to make him frozen yogurt this weekend which of course I will attempt to do. If it works, I may even post it on here! Hmm. Anyways! It was a fabulous day and I could not be more thankful for the people in my life. I am blessed.

Switching gears a little bit:

Now that the birthday fun has settled down a bit, I decided to go ahead and "decorate" if you can really even call it that, for Memorial Day. This is certainly not a holiday I go all out for but of course it is a holiday, so I decorate a little. (I'm ridiculous that way.) 

Side note: I am actually planning to post some more holiday pictures soon here. Yes I am aware that it's May and nobody is even thinking about pumpkins or stockings right now, BUT I would really like to start a section based on what I did last year so that I will be able to add to it this year!

Okay, back to Memorial Day.

Remember how I have that wreath and window obsession and that other obsession with holidays and that other other obsession with switching out my wreaths on my windows for all the different holidays? WELL, here we go. My mama actually made me this adorable burlap American flag wreath last year and I love it oh so much. 

For my gigantic window, I hung my Dad's old tattered and faded American Flag that we used to have flying in front of the house (until it ripped!) My Dad is actually a retired Navy pilot so shout out to him and all the other brave men and women who have bravely fought for our country.  

I got these adorable American Flag pillows for my birthday last year! They came from Target (duh) and I absolutely love them in the summer!

Last but not least is the mantle. I really did not do much at all besides add some mini American flags to my anthro bunny (which I am just having the hardest time putting away ever since...Easter?) I think it's probably just going to become part of my regular decor. Why not?

So that is it! It's not much but I think it's pretty clear where I pledge my allegiance. Thanks for reading and have a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend!

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