Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Home Tour: Guest Room

Hello! Long time no see! I apologize once again for the huge gap between posts...these last couple weeks of the school year have been insanely packed and I swear I've sat down approximately one time. Anywho, I am now off for the summer (woot woot!) and am planning to really get going with this blogging thing. Today, I am continuing the home tour with a tour of our guest room. I have to admit...this room has probably changed more than any other room (maybe with the exception of the den). However, this is it in its current spring/summer state. Granted, we do not have a ton of guests because we are blessed enough to have most of our friends and family close by. However, my goal is that when we do have the occasional guest, they feel comfortable and at home while they stay with us. 

Here lies (hangs?) the only wreath in our whole house that is not accompanied by a window. *Insert Gasp* Unfortunately, the previous owners installed a massive shelf in both bedrooms and the hubs and I have been too lazy to take them down because we don't want to patch all those massive holes it will undoubtedly leave behind. Eventually we will get around to it...eventually. That being said, I ultimately made the decision that I could not fit a large enough window in that space without it looking too close to the shelf, so I went with a solo wreath. The wreath (like all the other boxwoods in the house) is from Target and the lamp on this table is actually a DIY project that the hubs and I did together before we got married. All you need is a gallon size mason jar (can be found at Hobby Lobby), a lamp shade of your choice (I went with burlap because...mason jar), and a light kit. Obviously, I let him take care of the electrical part of this project because he is an electrical engineer after all. What good is that degree if he can't wire up some lamps for me every once in a while? (JK, love you, M) ANYWAYS, moving on. The table was actually a vintage find at a local flea market that I fell in love with and knew I had to have. It is painted a gorgeous sky blue with antique detail work and handles on the drawers. Be still my heart. The botanical prints were a free download from one of my favorite blogs a few months ago and the frames were a gift from my wonderful Mother-in-law. The blanket ladder was yet another DIY project. Husband built and wife painted. We used all discounted wood from Home Depot (seriously, always check the 70% off can easily find some great stuff and end up paying next to nothing for a whole project like this). I painted the entire thing a flat black and then went over it with white chalk paint that I actually purchased at the same flea market as I purchased the table. After the white coat was dry, I gently distressed the whole thing with some fine grit sand paper and that was it! Such a cheap, easy piece of furniture! 

The "Snuggle is Real" sign featured above was actually an etsy instant download print that I purchased for $1.50, printed onto a piece of white cardstock, and then hung in a frame that I already had sitting in the craft closet (originally from Hobby Lobby). I thought it was the perfect addition to this cozy corner...and let's face it, with those blankets hanging there...the snuggle IS real.

Next up is probably the star of the show, the bed. I purchased this vintage brass headboard from that SAME flea market as the sofa table and the chalk paint. These were all on different days but seriously...that place is the best. This beauty was $30 and it gave the bed the exact feel I was going for. The bed is a full bed that was actually mine growing up. Thanks for letting me keep it, Mom and Dad! The bedding is an old down comforter (also from childhood) and then a botanicals themed duvet from ikea! I absolutely love ikea's duvet covers and have another one on the bed in our master bedroom (but that's a different post). 

The bird and egg print AND the giant Pottery Barn (yes...Pottery Barn) sweater pillow were both...if you can believe it or not...drumroll please...YARD SALE FINDS! I paid $5 for the pillow and the bird print was just given to me for free! You cannot beat free. Ever. Yard sales rule. The hanging pendant light is one of the more modern things in the house (my cousin Davis would be so proud...more on him in a little bit) and it actually came from Target. It was $30 and came with the edison bulb (my fave) which is actually a really great deal considering those bulbs alone usually run for about $10. I have recently become a big fan of pendant lights over night stands rather than the traditional table lamp and am currently working on a similar project in our bedroom. But, that too is for another post.

The round frame was actually used at our wedding and was another gift from my awesome MIL. This sweet little bunny was from Target's Easter decor a couple years ago and I could not help but leave him out for the spring. The "Be Our Guest" print is another instant download from etsy which I printed and framed the same way as before. The Fairhaven Dry Goods Tray was from Target several years ago (like while we were registering for wedding gifts) and my Mama bought it for me because she was afraid that by the time I had my wedding would be gone. She was right! I love it so much and think it fits perfectly in this room.

So there you have it! Another room down. Before I go, there's something else that I am super excited about. My cousin, Davis (remember the one I mentioned a little bit ago?) just graduated with a degree in design and is now headed to Austin, Texas this fall to study architecture. Why am I telling you all this? WELL. Davis has decided that instead of paying to live in an expensive Austin apartment, he is going to spend this summer (with the help of my awesome Hubs and a couple other friends) building his own TINY HOUSE to live in for the next few years while he's in grad school! A TINY HOUSE! Tiny Houses have intrigued me (and I think most of us, let's be real) for awhile now and he has agreed to allow me to blog about the progress. Don't worry, this is not going to become a tiny house blog, BUT I do plan on featuring it a few times as the summer goes on awesome is that? For more detailed news about the project (aka for posts that aren't just going to be "LOOK HOW CUTE!" or "EVERYTHING'S SO LITTLE AND ADORABLE!" *ahem*) you can head on over to Davis' website here and see everything up close. I have also added a link to his site on my side bar for easier access. 

Thanks again for reading, lovelies! Happy Hump Day!

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