Thursday, January 4, 2018

Extreme Catching Up: Holiday Edition

Well hi there 2018! You sure did sneak up fast. Once again, months and months have gone by and I have failed to post even one tiny thing on this neglected blog of mine. We've started on some big house projects (over the summer and still have yet to complete them...COUGH...), and finished some smaller ones. Yet, have I remembered to photograph steps or keep detailed notes about the processes? Nope. Not even a little bit. Our super close but not quite done screened in back porch has been a work in progress since July. The first deadline was September. Then it became October. Then November. Then...well, you get the point. The new projected finish date has quickly become: whenever it isn't this dang cold so we can stand to be outside for more than a second! I'll keep you posted (maybe...let's be real probably won't). Fingers crossed by the SPRING, we will have a beautifully painted and screened in back porch. One of the smaller projects that we have successfully started AND finished (gasp!) was adding beadboard to the back wall of our master bedroom. I can't really tell you why I decided I wanted that...I just did. One day, out of the blue, I wanted to do it. Luckily, it was a relatively cheap and easy DIY so the hubs went along with it and we got it done on a frigid December Saturday. Here's a not so great picture of the beadboard behind our bed. I really do love it. A lot.

Anyways, now to continue catching up, holiday style! Per usual, I started decking out the house with pumpkins as soon as September hit (much to my husband's dismay). I cannot help myself. Pumpkins make me so happy. I would leave them out all year long if I could!

I found this wreath at Marshalls this year and I cannot even explain how excited I was. My husband was actually embarrassed by my intense jumping for joy in the store. Ya see, I saw one the year before at Home Goods and for some STUPID reason decided to pass it up. I regretted it almost immediately but when I went back to grab it, it was gone. Fast forward a year and there it was sitting on the shelf at our new Marshalls store. The BEST surprise!

These cutie little pumpkins that I have a million of are from World Market and I love them dearly.

These beauties are from Target from the past few years.

Then came October. All of my neutral pumpkins got replaced with orange and bats started to slowly take over the house. I blame myself mostly...and Amazon.

If you too want a copious amount of bats for your Halloween decor this year, you can order them here! My adorable pumpkin string lights were a care package gift from my Mom in college! She always sent me the cutest holiday decorations for my dorm room and I have been putting them out for Halloween ever since!

Now onto November!
I don't do a whole lot for November besides put my bats and orange pumpkins away and get my more neutral fall decor back out. I also get out my FAVORITE rose gold metal banner from Target a few years ago.

This year was also my turn to host our annual Friendsgiving dinner and I had SO much fun getting to use all of my Pumpkin and Publix Pilgrim serveware.

I made this Apple Cider Sangria recipe that I got off of Pinterest and ohhh my word was it tasty. Needless to say, it was all gone by the end of the evening.

The day after Thanksgiving has become my Christmas decorating day. I cannot help myself. I used to wait until December 1st...but that has since gone out the window. This year, I kept it super, super simple which I ended up really enjoying. I used all of my pre-lit flocked trees and garlands that I bought (mostly) over the summer while it was on super sale. Score. My Christmas trees all came from Walmart and are by FAR the most reasonably price flocked and PRE-LIT trees I have found. The lit wreath and garland are both from a website called King of Christmas and turned out to be amazing quality. The lights are LED but aren't too bright at all. I loved them.

Our stockings are from Target and I love them oh so much. I also have the matching tree skirt but forgot to take a picture...oops!

This picture has nothing to do with Christmas really but can we just talk about how my dawgs are going to the National Championship?! What?! I could not be more pumped for this!

This tree in our kitchen is the 6.5 foot one from Walmart and it was literally $60. I mean seriously?! It's flocked and pre-lit. It just doesn't get better than that.

To finish off, I thought I would include just a few pictures from our INSANE snow days that we experienced at the beginning of December. It was beyond beautiful and the fact that our home was decorated for Christmas just made it all the more magical. I could not stop taking pictures. It was unreal!

I mean...tell me that doesn't look like a Christmas card! I was in awe. Complete awe. Anyways, so here we are in the beginning of January and I have finally taken down all of our holiday decor. I honestly feel like the house looks naked. I haven't had it without any sort of holiday touches since September after all! It is taking some getting used to but hey...Groundhog Day is right around the corner right?!

Haha, Happy Friday Jr. my friends! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!